Personal Commitment

Richard Comella
“My focus is on earning your trust and confidence to help you take your project vision and make it a reality...from concept to completion.”

– Richard Comella, President

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About Us

Navalis Construction Services, Inc. has been around for over 60 years. As each year goes by, not only does our project portfolio grow but so does our

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passion and excitement for taking on the next big challenge. We pride ourselves on always keeping abreast of new build concepts, innovations, and best practices, as well as working closely with our clients to help them define their next new build and/or renovation project.

Our services range from construction management and general contracting to design-build. We are finding more and more projects require design-build to find the most cost savings. We help clients save on costs through assisting them in detailing out their specific needs, determining the most cost effective approach for the highest value, and orchestrating a disciplined, planned project, while continuously reassessing the end results as the work progresses. No matter what the need, we focus on providing an exceptional client experience each and every time.

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Our client relationships are solid and many have been with us for decades. We have successfully mastered our areas of expertise and find passion in passing our experience along to our clients. Our focus is on earning your trust and confidence to help you take your project vision and make it a reality. To us, anyone can claim to build buildings, but not everyone can construct something that emits a sense of pride, strength, commitment, and accomplishment. At Navalis, constructing solid structures and meaningful client relationships go hand-in-hand.