Case Study: CQC Prosthodontics Dental Laboratory

Client: CQC Prosthodontics Dental Laboratory

Project Specifics

  • Project: Dental Laboratory
  • Schedule: Start—November 2006 / Completion—April 2007
  • Industry: Healthcare Space: 6,000-sq.-ft. dental laboratory and office renovations
  • Location: Rochester, New York, United States
  • Service Offered: Design-Build


CQC Prosthodontics, Inc., was founded in 1986 in Rochester, New York, by Robert Ingrassio. He has expanded the laboratory by providing exceptional service through communication, quality, and consistency. CQC's success story continues to catch the eye of the business world and has been published in numerous national magazines, including Inc., JDT, and Spectrum. Mr. Ingrassio is an active member of many prestigious industry associations and study clubs and is an accomplished publisher, lecturer, and consultant. In 2002, CQC was purchased by Dental Technologies Incorporation (DTI), headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


CQC needed to move their laboratory from the basement level to the first floor—street level. To ensure there was no downtime during the move, a very detailed plan of action had to be developed. The new space had to be much more efficient, ergonomic, and streamlined, and being on the first floor would make it easier to move equipment and product in and out. Instead of adding square footage, as do many companies that are looking to become more efficient, CQC reduced the amount of square footage (roughly 30% less than the original space). In doing so, their goal was to implement a lean manufacturing process by which efficiencies and cost savings could be quickly identified and taken advantage of. They knew it wasn't the amount of space that was important; rather, it was the use of the space. The original space was too large — they were paying for space they did not use or did not use well. They needed to find a partner who could implement a Design-Build project and who clearly understood the unique dynamics of their business and how their production process translated into the physical space and overall layout.


CQC asked several companies to bid on the project. Navalis Construction Services, which had a long-term relationship with CQC's ownership, was asked to bid. Soon after Navalis won the bid, planning was underway. Before Navalis could outline a detailed Design-Build strategy, they spent time observing the current work conditions and environment. They shadowed employees, talked with each department team, discussed the owner's vision and objectives in length, and formulated the future plans based on feedback. Their goal was to get a feel for how the production process worked and how the employees did their tasks. It was imperative that there be no downtime during the move to the new location. Therefore, all construction, design, moving, and testing of equipment had to happen in phases; typically, this happened outside of work hours. Navalis had to determine what needed to be moved and when without causing production disruptions. Each phase had to be done within a very tight timeframe.

Navalis hired movers. As equipment was moved to the new location, the equipment was tested to ensure it was in working order immediately. The building was constructed around the equipment to help with space efficiencies—making sure every square inch of space had a purpose. The type of structure was designed and constructed based on specific needs of the business. The moving phases took place over one weekend. By Monday, everything was up and running according to plan. Overall the project was on time and within budget.


The workflow improved considerably because of the new floor plan. The strategically located work areas allowed the employees to utilize the space to its fullest potential and reduce production cycle time. As a result, orders were filled more rapidly, but quality and durability were not sacrificed. Employees also noted that waste was greatly reduced.

"Navalis proved to me that they think beyond just building four walls. They really get in the trenches to learn what the business is and what the overall goals and vision are to ensure the final outcome is exactly what the client wants," says Jim MacDonald, operating manager at CQC Laboratories. "The results were stellar. We couldn't be more pleased!"