Case Study: Star Physical Therapy

Client: Star Physical Therapy

Project Specifics

  • Project: Fitness and Physical Therapy Facility
  • Schedule: Start—February 2007 / Completion—April 2007
  • Industry: Healthcare Space: 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Location: Perinton, New York, United States
  • Service Offered: Design-Build


The Star Physical Therapy practice has been serving communities in Greater Rochester since 1982 and has grown to become one of the largest private practices of physical therapy in that region. Star Physical Therapy's extensively trained staff employs the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to help rehabilitate its patients. It also offers the general public memberships to utilize the facilities.


Star Physical Therapy has two locations, one of which needed an addition to accommodate its growing client base and overall service offerings. The owner of Star Physical Therapy, John Spoto, needed more than just an addition; he also needed to find a partner that could help him think about how he could improve the gym environment so it better meets the specific needs of his clients. Star Physical Therapy needed to create a highly functional space to accommodate different workout stations used for physical therapy sessions and for the general public. Each area had to have a distinct design so that traffic could flow well and so that the areas could easily co-exist. In a small space, this presented several challenges that needed to be thought through in detail before construction began.


Navalis Construction Services was brought on board to manage all construction aspects and to select and work closely with the architect. Star Physical Therapy contracted with Navalis under a Design-Build agreement. Star Physical Therapy chose Navalis because they could see the wonderful results of Navalis' construction project for the Creek House Commons retail strip mall in Greece, New York, near one of Star Physical Therapy's locations.

As the project commenced, Navalis didn't face any big challenges because the company had taken the time to really understand the needs of Star Physical Therapy and why and how their clients used the facility. Navalis had to address the needs of two groups of people as it constructed, designed, and laid out the space: those involved in the physical therapy program and those who used the space for personal workouts (the general public). Navalis had to decide on a specific way to build the structure and position the equipment, and they had to choose materials that were appropriate to specific spaces within the building. In addition, Navalis focused on the flooring and lighting materials to help meet the needs of each group and to serve the general purpose of the space. The roofline had to be determined; the older part of the building had a pitched roof, whereas the new portion ended up with a flat roof style. Navalis also assisted with the interior design of the space.


Due to a clear plan, budget, and schedule that both parties agreed upon upfront, Navalis met Star Physical Therapy's deadline and at the same time found several areas where it could save on costs (e.g., the roof style). Navalis placed equipment optimally so that people could flow in both the public and physical therapy workout spaces without causing obstacles or bottlenecks. In addition, the space's expansion and overall construction and layout helped to increase membership as well as retain current members. Due to the positive results, Star Physical Therapy has asked Navalis Construction Services to redesign the master plan (site plan) for its future medical building, which is directly behind the recently renovated building.

"I couldn't be happier with the renovation results. My clients are pleased and seem more enthusiastic about their workouts or physical therapy sessions," said John Spoto, owner of Star Physical Therapy. "Navalis Construction Services really helped me take my business to another level."