Our design-build, one-stop approach is the most cost effective and time saving method to complete your next Rochester NY area commercial construction project, compared to the conventional design-bid-build process.

Benefits of Design-Build

How It Works

The design-build construction system is a contracting method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings for owners. Whereas the traditional design-bid-build process separates design and construction, design-build provides a single point of responsibility for an entire construction project. Instead of the owner contracting separately with the architect and the contractor, design-build typically ties the architect contractually to the contractor. The contractor then enters into a design-build contract with the owner. The owner now only has to deal with one entity—the design-build team—and not each one separately.

At Navalis Construction, we select an architect/engineer for a specific project and place him/her under contract as part of our design-build team. We then work with the owner to plan, design and construct the project to meet the specific goals, constraints and demands of the project.

Contact Navalis Construction to learn more about our Rochester NY area design-build process, and to receive conceptual drawings and a preliminary estimate.

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